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The Who and Why of Kai Music and Arts:

Our vision for creating a music and art school sprang from a collective dream of having a creative hub in downtown Chico where the community could gather in a new way that would foster mutual support, creative collaboration and self expression through arts of all kinds.  

We support local musicians, artists, makers, wellness practitioners, local businesses and community groups in realizing their greatest potential as co-creators of a vibrant and diverse cultural scene in Chico, CA.

We love offering our platform and support to local nonprofits, bands and organizations who are doing beneficial work in the community. Reach out if you have a fundraiser idea you'd like to collaborate on!

We support a diversity of persons and circumstances across race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, socioeconomic status, and neurocognitive functioning. We are actively working on ways to make our offerings accessible to all community members through scholarships and sliding scale fees.

Please inquire.

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