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Memberships & Guilds at Kai

Kai Music and Arts provides a wide variety of services and resources to the Chico community. We're still working out the kinks in creating an all-encompassing membership tier for the art and music spaces combined. Check back soon!

For now we have the following options available: 

Creative Arts & Study Loft

At 525 Wall St. in the Arts and Wellness building we offer monthly memberships for community members who would like to have a little more time away from work, home or school to focus on a project or work collaboratively with others in a dedicated space. 

We are currently making a small number of memberships available to an initial group of 20 people due to size limitations of our building and the nature of being a multi-purpose facility. 

We believe our prices reflect our intention to be affordable and accessible to most, and we are working on sliding scale scale fees for the near future. 

Our upstairs loft is only accessible via a flight of stairs, but we can usually provide accommodations for people for whom stairs are not an option in one of our downstairs areas for co-working/collaborative art use. Please let us know!  

INTRODUCTORY RATE (limited availability): $25.00/monthly membership fee


  • Weekly access to co-working/study/collaborative art space

  • Complimentary coffee, water, seltzer and snack bar 

  • High speed internet

  • Printer/scanner/copier use

  • Community art supplies (pencils, pens, paper crafts and more!)

  • Discounts on events and workshops hosted by Kai

  • More discounts, freebies and perks to come! 



We are looking to create interest groups for people who want to focus in on one or more specialty areas. Ideas we have in the works include:

  • Film-making & Videography

  • Photography

  • RPG Tabletop Design

  • Comic & Graphic Novel arts

  • Handwork: Sewing/Embroidery/Crochet/Knit, etc

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Instrument Design & Repair

  • Paper crafts and Collage

  • more! more! more!

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